Smart Snacking

A snack for an average adult is around 200 Kcal. However, this may be less for people who are watching their weight or much more for active children and athletes, because everyone has different energy needs.Snacks can boost your energy between meals and supply essential vitamins and minerals. There is a place for snacks in a healthy eating plan. Just choose wisely:

  • Think of snacks as mini-meals that contribute nutrient-rich foods. You can fit snack calories into your personal healthy eating plan without over-spending your day’s calorie budget.
  • Snack only when you’re hungry. Skip the urge to nibble when you’re bored, frustrated or stressed.
  • Keep portion control in mind. Eating directly from a multiple-serving package can lead to overeating. Plan snacks ahead of time. Keep a variety of nutritious ready-to-eat supplies on hand, such as cream crackers , yogurt, whole grain cereals, or MAGGI Tikiri Noodles fortified with calcium.

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