In 1884, Julius Maggi invented the first Maggi meal; a powdered pea and bean soup. He was inspired by the busy women working in factories and returned home to hungry families with limited cooking time. This easy-to-prepare and high-in-nutrition product greatly improved the nutrition of all people.

Maggi continued to perfect the art of inventing ready-to-use soups and liquid seasoning; the beginning of a journey that would help make nutrition accessible for everyone across the world. A century on, the Maggi brand has well established itself as a household brand that stands synonymous to not only affordable health and nutrition, but also a convenient solution provider.

Maggi strengthened its ties in Sri Lanka shortly after stepping on our shores in 1984; for over three decades, Maggi has stood with our mothers island wide, empowering them to feed their families with taste and nutrients that has undoubtedly left its mark for the years to come. MAGGI will continue on its mission to innovate and renovate its products, whilst further strengthening the nutrition foundation of all its products to enhance the lives of its consumers.