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  1. Nestlé Lanka PLC, (hereinafter “Nestlé”) is hosting a MAGGI share a meal campaign for MAGGI hereinafter referred to as the “campaign” (for easy reference)
  2. The campaign is valid from the 7th December 2021 until 25th December 2021 (hereinafter referred to as “campaign period”). Participants who have share their dish images within the mentioned time period will be only considers as contributors
  3. Participation in this campaign is optional and voluntary.
  4. Participation in this campaign is open to all Sri Lankan citizens, including employees and family members of employees at Nestlé Lanka PLC, its Associate Companies, its Advertising Agency and its Media Partners.
  5. Contributors required to:

    a) Share a picture of a Maggi Christmas dish you have made with us on Facebook as a comment or as a story in Instagaram mentioning Maggi Instagram page. Image should be photographed by the participant and digitally manipulated or edited or purchased images will be disqualified from the competition

  6. Any issues related to this campaign, should contact Nestlé Lanka Consumer Services hotline (0094)0114724724.
  7. However, Nestlé shall not be liable to any complaints due to negligence or acts of omission committed by the participants.
  8. Participants for this campaign will be considered as contributors for giving away Rs. 15,000 worth of dry rations plus Rs. 2500 worth of nestle products to 75 low in come level families who celebrate Christmas.

    f) By participating in this campaign, it permits NESTLÉ to use the Participant’s names, photos, voices, entries, and other relevant details for purposes of publicity, edition, presentation, brand study, market research, advertising and/or trade without further approval, permission, compensation or notice for unlimited period.

    g) No consideration is payable by NESTLÉ against use of any entries received for the campaign.

    h) NESTLÉ reserves the right to reject, delete, or remove any entry without assigning any reason thereof. Any decision taken by NESTLÉ for rejecting, deleting or removing any entry shall be final and binding and not subject to any dispute or challenge.

    i) Failure of the participant to adhere to the above, gives the right to NESTLÉ to disqualify the entry from the campaign.

    ○ The content used in the entry should not contain any offensive, defamatory, indecent, abusive content, pictorial representation or language that can in any manner be deemed as offensive by any section of society or prohibited under any religion or law. NESTLÉ reserves its rights to cancel or remove any entry or usage of the campaign by any participant at any point of time, at its discretion. The decision of NESTLÉ shall be final and binding on this

    j) NESTLÉ reserves the right to withdraw, change, defer, alter or cancel this campaign in part or full, or change any or all of the terms and conditions that are applicable, without giving prior intimation/notice of any kind and will not be liable for any consequential losses/damages. Any decision of NESTLÉ in this regard and in general with respect to this campaign and the terms and conditions thereto shall be final, binding.

    k) NESTLÉ shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Governmental actions, other Force Majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss.

  9. If a participant is dissatisfied with the campaign and/or the terms and conditions of the campaign, his/her sole and exclusive remedy is to not to participate in the campaign.
  10. Entries received after 12pm on 25th Dcember will not be considered for this campaign.